The Crystal Land

My eyes glanced the over the dash board, it became a complex of chrome fixed into an embankment of steel. A glass disk covered the clock. The speedometer was broken. Cigarette butts were packed into the ashtray. Faint reflections slid over the wind shield. Out of sight in the glove compartment was a silver flashlight and an Essomap of Vermont. Under the radio dial (55-7-9-11-14-16) was a row of five plastic buttons in the shape of cantilevered cubes. The rearview mirror dislocated the road behind us. While listening to the radio, some of us read the Sunday newspapers. The pages made slight noises as they turned: each sheet folded over the last forming temporary geographies of paper. A rally of print or a ridge of photographs would come and go in an instant.


Excerpt from : The Crystal Land. Robert Smithson. Harpers Bazaar May 1966.


The Crystal Land - 2011

Five photographs of J.G. Ballard's Car (Shepperton 2009). Mono screen prints onto steel plates.


Five photographs of solidified pyroclastic material (Spain 2010). Black and white fibre prints.


An excerpt of a text written by Robert Smithson for Harpers Bazaar (The Crystal Land 1966). Photocopy on paper.

The Crystal Land_INST2
The Crystal Land_INST1